Track all your Crypto portfolios

Moonlio lets you track all of your Cryptocurrency portfolios
with Automatic exchange and wallet imports, for free.

Grow your profit now

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Automatic synchronisation on leading exchanges

Track your financial metrics

Following your investment, profits and net worth value has never been that easy. You can even track how much added value each currency has brought you. Get aware!

Connect your portfolios & wallets and get it sync

Every operation is automatically imported into Moonlio. Group your portfolios on a unique platform and become a strategic investor.

More that 2000 cryptocurrencies available

From Bitcoin to Musicoin, we support every currency and provide latest metrics so that you can find your next investment.


Here are our most frequently asked questions with their answers.

Is it safe to give you API keys?

Moonlio only needs read-only API keys to work, which means we can only read the account balance and transaction history of your trading accounts. They are safely encrypted and stored, and we always use SSL connexions. On the Add Portfolio screen, we give you all the instructions to create secure read-only API keys.

Will you implement this exchange, coin, or feature?

We want to support the most cryptocurrencies exchanges possible, but it's takes times, and some of them have still insufficient API. We use CryptoCompare to fetch existing coins and to get their values. You can check our Roadmap to know where we are in the development. We encourage you to participate, give directly your recommendations and wishes on the Trello.

Do you have a Mobile App?

We do not have a mobile app, but we plan to do it in the future. For now, the website is responsive so you can check your portfolios on your mobile.

How can I use the 100$ credit?

We give this credit to our first users. We are working on features that will only accessible to premium users, credit will be usable for plans purchase. Don't worry, basic features will always be free.


Floran, Founder

As a crypto enthusiast, I wanted the best tool to track my portfolios and the market. But all the tools I found was either only work with manual transactions or had bad interfaces. So I aimed to reunite the best of the two world and came up with Moonlio. We are planning to support the more exchanges and wallets possible, provide the best tools to track and analyze your portfolio.